The Rogers Legacy

Hello all,

Welcome to “The Rogers Legacy!”

About the Legacy: Rules I’m Using

This is our founder, Amalia.


My Traits are: Genius, Athletic, Ambitious.My Aspiration is: Fabulously Wealthy.

I am playing by Pinstar’s Legacy Challenge. Here are the specific rules I’ll be playing by  (they are taken directly from that website).

Gender Law

Equality: The Founder may be of either gender. Both boys and girls are eligible for the title of heir.

Bloodline Law

Traditional: Children who are naturally born from the previous generation are eligible to be named heir. Adopted children are ineligible to be named heir unless there are no naturally born children, at which point they become eligible for that generation.

Heir Law

Democracy: This rule may be used if you are displaying your Legacy Challenge in some public way. Either via Let’s Play, Livestream, blog or other format where people can leave comment. The heir is chosen by your viewers/readers from among the pool of eligible heirs.

Random: The title of heir is randomly selected from the pool of all eligible children. Every time the eligible pool changes size, The heir must be re-rolled using the new pool.

Basically, I’m going to hold a poll at the end of every generation, and the winner will be the Heir. However, if I don’t get enough votes, I get to choose my favorite.

Species Law

Tolerant – The species of the child has no impact on their eligibility for heir status.

Click a link below to be taken to that chapter!

Generation 1

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