1.7 – Slideshow of Time

01-24-17_10-25-35 PM.png01-24-17_10-26-05 PM.png01-24-17_10-26-11 PM.png01-25-17_5-54-14 PM.png01-25-17_5-57-59 PM.png01-25-17_6-00-21 PM.png01-25-17_6-05-06 PM.png01-25-17_6-09-44 PM.png01-25-17_6-09-53 PM.png01-25-17_6-20-03 PM.png01-25-17_6-21-12 PM.png01-25-17_6-26-42 PM.png01-25-17_6-28-33 PM.png01-25-17_6-29-07 PM.png01-25-17_6-29-11 PM.png01-25-17_6-29-21 PM.png01-25-17_6-30-21 PM.png01-25-17_6-31-59 PM.png01-25-17_6-34-06 PM.png01-25-17_6-35-43 PM.png01-25-17_6-40-33 PM.png01-25-17_6-40-40 PM.png01-25-17_6-40-55 PM.png01-25-17_6-46-33 PM.png01-25-17_6-47-39 PM.png01-25-17_8-23-34 PM.png01-25-17_8-27-30 PM.png01-25-17_8-28-03 PM.png01-25-17_8-31-44 PM.png01-25-17_8-53-35 PM.png01-25-17_8-55-32 PM.png01-25-17_8-55-38 PM.png01-25-17_9-27-51 PM.png01-25-17_9-28-30 PM.png01-25-17_9-30-01 PM.png01-25-17_9-35-17 PM.png01-25-17_9-50-00 PM.png01-25-17_9-50-37 PM.png01-25-17_10-10-01 PM.png01-25-17_10-18-39 PM.png

01-25-17_10-20-32 PM.png01-25-17_10-22-19 PM.png01-25-17_10-22-25 PM.png01-25-17_10-23-53 PM.png01-25-17_10-26-34 PM.png01-25-17_10-30-58 PM.png01-25-17_10-31-47 PM.png01-25-17_10-41-21 PM.png01-25-17_10-42-52 PM.png01-25-17_10-43-59 PM.png01-25-17_10-45-35 PM.png01-25-17_10-45-40 PM.png01-25-17_10-45-56 PM.png01-25-17_10-46-42 PM.png

01-25-17_10-47-41 PM.png

Dear Diary,

I know I haven’t really explained anything for the past couple of entries, but time is moving so fast. I hardly get any time between working and taking care of the children.

Of course you’ve realised that Annalise has grown up. That was her birthday party up with all the guests. She is so smart, you would think she was a Genius but she is very much a Rambunctious Scamp. She’s a love though. She’s totally accepted Akira as her Dad. I think the one time she saw Geoffrey is burned into her brain. She’s had so many nightmares about him. I did hear that he and his family moved far away a couple of years ago. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

After finding out I was pregnant right after the engagement, we decided to hold off the wedding until the baby was born. I really wanted a big white wedding. But life had other plans.

Akira and I finally got married; I asked what he got me for my birthday and all he said was “me.” Goodness the woohoo was fantastic that night!

Our littlest darling is named Brielle Olivia, and she is the sweetest thing. She does time her cries for right after we’ve fallen asleep though. She’s a handful, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Anyway, I hope that I will be able to write more cohesively next time.




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