1.5 – Ch-ch-Changes


Dear Diary,

If I’m gonna have a baby, I’m gonna need to take care of it.. and that means I need money. I decided to explore outside and see if I could harvest anything to sell.

01-24-17_7-28-53 PM.png01-24-17_7-29-39 PM.png01-24-17_7-30-41 PM.png01-24-17_7-31-27 PM.png01-24-17_7-31-41 PM.png


I managed to make a couple hundred bucks. Plus, I took some cuttings and made them into some pretty wall art. And it is cheap! 😆

01-24-17_7-38-34 PM.png

There was also a huge telescope there and I got a pretty picture of space.

01-24-17_7-40-42 PM.png

Oh my creator I’m getting so huge! I’m nervous and excited for the baby to come. And I’m only in my second trimester.

Work is hard. Everyone is asking who the father is. And Geoffrey hasn’t talked to me in weeks. I can’t deal with this cold shoulder much longer.

On the flip side, this cute guy named Akira moved in nearby and has come over a couple times to say hello. He needs a good haircut but other than that he’s pretty cool!

01-24-17_8-20-19 PM.png

He’s been the only thing keeping me sane the past few months. That and the house renovations. I’m halfway through my career and finally used some of the money I’d made to make my little box into a – very small – home.

01-24-17_8-24-44 PM.png01-24-17_8-49-57 PM.png

And oh good creator, to anyone who ever is thinking about having a child, I say really think about it. Labor hurts! But it brings about something totally worth it.


01-24-17_8-57-27 PM.png

Annalise Katrina Rogers

See you soon,


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