1.4 – A Big Mistake

Dear Diary,

I made the biggest mistake of my life!

I’m pregnant!

Let me go back and start from the beginning. You see, Geoffrey Landgraab invited me out to the park to play some chess.

01-24-17_6-57-40 PM.png

We played a couple games and then some other sims wanted to use the table so we got up to continue our conversation.

One thing led to another and…

01-24-17_7-00-40 PM.png01-24-17_7-02-46 PM.png01-24-17_7-02-50 PM.png01-24-17_7-03-05 PM.png01-24-17_7-04-42 PM.png01-24-17_7-05-01 PM.png01-24-17_7-05-25 PM.png


I told Geoffrey right away.

01-24-17_7-12-44 PM.png

“Amalia,” he said. “I’m married. I have a child of my own. I can’t be the father. You must have gotten pregnant by someone else!”

Someone else! The nerve of him!

Ugh, sorry Diary, I was just so mad I pressed the pen down too hard.

Anyway, after that, I really let him have it.

01-24-17_7-13-08 PM.png01-24-17_7-13-48 PM.png01-24-17_7-14-04 PM.png

I know I wanted to start a family. But not as a single mother. Not alone.

Creator, what am I going to do?

Until Next Time,


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