1.3 – Adventures in Town!

Dear Diary,

So today I had a slightly odd adventure. I decided to go visit Katrina since we haven’t really had a chance to girl-talk lately. When I got to the house, someone invited me in, but there was no one around. But there was something to keep me entertained. They had a giraffe in their dining room.  You don’t believe me? Well, guess what… I have proof!

01-23-17_9-59-15 PM.png

01-23-17_9-59-20 PM.png

I didn’t get a chance to stay and wait for someone to come home, but I will definitely be back. Spots and I have a bond!

Victor invited me to the park in Windenburg for a chess rematch. The park is gorgeous.

01-23-17_10-06-37 PM.png

And so is the fact that I won the game!

I went to the Flea Market to see if there was anything there worth buying. There wasn’t! While there I decided to try some Pho.

01-23-17_10-20-58 PM.png

No one told me it would leave an inferno in my mouth!

01-23-17_10-21-51 PM.png

I also played a game of basketball with Bella Goth. I wasn’t very graceful, but I got it in.

01-23-17_10-26-01 PM.png01-23-17_10-25-52 PM.png

After the Flea market it was time for some Charisma practice. After all, you can’t infiltrate an enemy base if you can’t think on your feet!

01-23-17_10-31-40 PM.png

Signing Off,


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