1.2 – Friends are Great!


Dear Diary,

I’m back again.  Sorry it’s been a while. Not much has happened. I’m working on my skills toward a promotion, and taking care of business elsewhere.

01-23-17_8-51-27 PM.pngAs you can see, I do shower. But since I don’t own one, I shower at the gym.

Note to self Amalia, buy a shower… asap!

Guess what? I got promoted. Geoff took me out to a nightclub to celebrate!

01-23-17_9-01-08 PM.png


01-23-17_9-01-39 PM.pngHe’s such a good friend and self-appointed mentor.

We went in and got our groove on!

01-23-17_9-03-06 PM.png

After dancing, I figured out just what I should use my promotion money toward. Give you 3 guesses.

01-23-17_9-15-10 PM.png

Ahhh! A shower at home. A Luxury, truly!

One night after work I invited a few friends out to the same night club that Geoff brought me to. My house wasn’t fit for entertaining but I thought that we should all “boogie the night away!”

01-23-17_9-43-49 PM.png

You can do an awful lot of conversing on the dance floor. I enjoyed getting to know all of my friends a little better.

01-23-17_9-43-53 PM.png01-23-17_9-44-02 PM.png

01-23-17_9-47-17 PM.png

Can you believe Bjorn is a gloomy sim? Look at that smile!

01-23-17_9-43-52 PM.png

Well, that’s it for now..

Signing off,

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