1.1 – First Day in Town

Dear Diary,

I guess I should start this by introducing myself. I’m Amalia, and I’ll be your host for this evening… uh, story. Sorry! Got a little carried away there.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, I’m Amalia, and welcome to my home!


No, I don’t look at the camera… ever!

Well… it will be my home. Right now it’s just a home in my minds eye, but I can see the potential and that’s what matters!

I am an Athletic Genius, who is very Ambitious. My inspiration is to be Fabulously Wealthy.

I’m gonna make a lot of money, and then it will be a wonderful home!


The kitchen’s gonna be there, and there’s the bathroom. Living room there, then the bedroom and the gym…

After the fire (that killed my parents), I knew I wanted to find my own way in a new town; I couldn’t stay in my old hometown and go past them every day. But I also want a family of my own. It sucks being on your own. I’ve decided to make my own legacy and honor my parents memories by teaching my own children about them.

Before I can do that though, this has to become a house. Deserted land won’t attract any suitors, nor is it suitable for raising children.

Let’s see… I need a job. SIMdeed, do you have any good listings?


Hmm… Scientist, no. Author, no. Secret Agent….


I’m Rogers, Amalia Rogers!

YES! My dream job! I am in the internship program to be a secret agent. First step, going to the library. I have to learn all about intelligence…


Holy Creator, look at all of this!

I think I’m gonna like this job.

While at the library I met Katrina Caliente. She and I hit it off right away. It’ll be nice to have a few friends to hang out with!


Katrina is a little shy – she’s the redhead in the back.

This is Geoff, really Geoffrey but I shortened it. He is teaching me the basics of chess. I shared my new job with him and he said logic will be a big part of it so he offered to help me get started.

He saw Lily trying to learn and decided he’d coach us both.


Game on, sister!

It was really fun!

As night fell, I decided I needed to use the money I’d scrounged from my parent’s house and build a house of my own. Since I don’t have much money right now, it’ll only take a few minutes to build.

Here is my “house.” I know it leaves a lot to be desired, but there are walls!


I call it “adventuresome living!”

It’s a step. And tomorrow, I take my first step into the world of Secret Agents!

Anyway, I’ll sign off for now.



Next Chapter


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